About Us

Like water in a mountain brook traveling towards the ocean, our soul is the expressive movement of life towards something divine and eternal. Whether we recognize it or not, our heart beats the song of the eternal heart, our mind hums with the song of omnipotence, and our body breaths the celestial breath of life and nature.

Eat Pray Love Ashram is about our most essential quality of life; uniting our little individual-self with the eternal-self. This holistic union is an expression of the inherent desire ingrained in the universe that stimulates bliss, joy, and everlasting life.

Eat Pray Love Ashram was created with the hope of providing a source of illumination for spiritual seeks who have come to the internet in search of knowledge and information about the joys of spiritual living and the beauty of ancient India.

About The Author

Dr. Susan Goodrich is a curiously adventurous soul who has spent the last 10 year of her life in search of liberation for her mind, body, and spirit. After exploring the various spiritual traditions of the west, Susan began her inquisition into eastern traditions which seems to posses a more universal understand of the inner-world. Upon reading Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert Susan embarked on an adventure to India where she met her life teacher Guru Tureya at the Tureya Ashram in Southern India. Today Susan teaches meditation classes and Chakra healing in her home town Portland, Organ.